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This or that: Weight loss

Short, Sweet, To the Point.

That’s the goal in this series! I want to give you two comparisons and help you reach a better understanding or decision. Today’s post is questions relating to weight loss.

Deficit or Recomposition?

Talking about calories here. The question being should I be in a deficit or recomposition. It depends. The issue is some people don’t need to actually lose weight, but rather, add some lean muscle mass! Too often we see members eating lower and lower calories but not filling out the bathing suit the way they want. Recomposition would put your calories at an amount for maintenance. Eating the correct macros to support your activity while helping you build lean mass and slowly shed body fat mass. Your overall bodyweight will likely stay the same (the scale is only part of the equation) but you will start to love the way you fill out those clothes!

Cardio or Strength Training?

Why not both?! If I had to choose one though…it would be strength training. For exactly the reasons in the above paragraph. Adding lean mass to your frame by doing resistance training has two huge benefits;

  • It helps increase your BMR so you become a calorie burning machine! More muscle=more calories to help maintain that muscle. Let’s face it…who doesn’t want to be able to enjoy a little extra calories on the daily??
  • EPOC. Excessive Post workout Oxygen Consumption. The afterburn. The feeling you get when you leave the gym then start sweating non stop for the next hour. After a heavy/intense workout your body will actually continue burning calories at a faster rate than usual once the session is over! So although you might not burn as many calories during the session like cardio, you continue burning at a much more rapid rate once its done.

How about we just incorporate both and stick with CrossFit 😉

Track Macros or Follow Meal Plan

Track those macros! Following a meal plan is great for a month or two but once you get bored it gets old quick. Besides the boredom factor, you really aren’t learning about how much food or macros your eating and how to successfully eat to maintain your ideal body composition. Using an app like MyFitnessPal you can log your food daily to really see and understand how much you are eating. Yes this means weighing and measuring food and yes it’s a pain in the butt at first but I promise it gets easier! Learning those things will help you master your nutrition and help you get off the “fad diet” bandwagon!


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