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The Wild Wild West of Supplement

It’s a crazy unregulated world.

Did you know until recent, “dietary supplements” weren’t regulated by the FDA? The testosterone 1000x booster extreme you’ve been taking could just be some vitamin B and caffeine.

That should really bother you.

Now that the FDA is taking steps towards a more regulated supplement market I hope things will change. But, like anything else, this will take time to be effective.

That being said, choosing meaningful supplements can have a small but positive impact on your training and recovery. I’m going to help point you in the right direction!

Choosing the brand.

Choosing the right supplement brand to go with can actually be easy once you know what to look for. Here is a little checklist of things I am watching out for when I do venture off to a new brand:

  1. If it sound too good to be true…it is. I stay away from companies that make HUGE claims like “gain 10 pounds of muscle in 1 month” or “increase your strength by X amount FAST”.
  2. Flashy, bold, or shiny labels. In my experience, if that much money is spent on the thing that holds the product, there isn’t much thought on the stuff inside. This ALWAYS goes hand in hand with checklist item number 1…which makes it really easy to identify and avoid.
  3. Check the ingredient list. If it’s a mile long, put that stuff back! If you don’t know what a word is, a simple google search will help you determine if it is something you want to add to your diet. Added sugars? Probably not a great supplement to our diet. Always check the back and make sure this is something that will improve our current situation.
  4. Look for third party tested. Informed Sport, NSF, USP, Informed Choice. These are just a few companies that test the quality of the ingredients. Some also test to make sure it is free of banned substances which is extremely important for athletes.
  5. Reviews. I find that online reviews can be helpful! They will often give you a better idea of taste, efficacy, and also customer service (if buying direct).

Supplements I take.

Here are my go-to supplements and why I take them.

  • Whey Protein: Quick absorption and to help my muscles begin recovering from intense training sessions ASAP. Also, give me an easy bump in daily protein so I hit my goal for the day.
  • Creatine Monohydrate: Only taken during strength cycles. Helps increase my intensity in short, fast, explosive movements. Hence why I like taking it during strength cycles!
  • Cluster Dextrin/Electrolyte Mix: This is my go to for longer workouts! Cluster Dextrin is an easily digested carb source to fuel those long biking sessions or crazy long metcons. The electrolyte mix is part of the supplement and helps with combating dehydration in those longer training sessions.
  • Pre-Workout: Coffee 😉

That’s it. Simple, cheap, and effective!

Worth the $$$?

Supplements are meant to supplement your diet. While most carry big claims of life changing results, the truth is that you’re likely taking something that is only creating expensive pee.

Cleaning up your diet is the BEST way to get the results you are looking to get out of those supplements!

Instead of wasting all that money on supplements spend it on quality food or hire a nutritionist to help you understand how to eat and to achieve your goals.

Have any questions on the supplements you’re taking? Shoot me a message and I would be happy to take a look.



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