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New Year New You

One Small Step At A Time

I hate to break it to you all but, this year might look exactly like the last. Or maybe it won’t? We really have no way of knowing! What I can tell you though is that you can start today working on the things you can control.

A New Year is a clean slate. The whole year is ahead of you and I’m sure you have some BIG and scary goals. LOVE IT. Now we need to get to work, one small step at a time.

Start this year by building small habits into your life that support your goal. Make them easy. They should be nearly impossible to fail at, even if life happens like it did big time in 2020.

Example: My 2021 Goals is to lose 20 pounds.

  • Habit 1: Pack my gym bag every night for the next day.
  • Habit 2: Put on my workout shoes every morning.
  • Habit 3: Make my bed right after I get up for my alarm.

Notice, none of these habits involved actually getting to the gym or working out. The habits simply build an environment which makes it easier for me to get to the gym. If something happens and I don’t make it in that day, that’s okay I will continue these habits regardless. Therefore, the next day it’s easier to get right back into the gym after a failed attempt.

Here to Help.

I’m sure you’ve all read some fitness guru’s post telling you why setting New Years goals are dumb and you are sure to fail. F that noise. Set that goal…make it scary… and build those small habits to help support it. I got your back if you need any help. Shoot me a message or fill out our Free Intro form, let’s talk about 2021 and make it your most rewarding year yet!


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