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My Top 3 Weight loss Tips

Cutting through the noise….and the fat.

There are so many diet tips out there, even I get confused sometimes! Here is a short and sweet list of my top 3 weight loss tips that are easy to implement ASAP.

1. Stop Drinking Your Calories

THIS RIGHT HERE. Seriously. No more drinking your calories. This alone will kickstart so many other habits and drop a ton of sugar/calories outta your diet. A Grande Caramel Brûlée Latte has 410 calories and 49g of added sugar. My lunch today of 5oz cooked chicken, 1 cup cooked rice, 1 cup broccoli, and some olive oil was nearly the same amount of calories. Thats a lot of food!! Beyond the calories is the fact that your latte isn’t going to keep you full like my meal did, it’s going to do just the opposite. All that sugar is going to make you crash and have your reaching for more calories right away. Stick to water, tea, and black coffee or americanos with a little bit of cream and watch that scale start to move in the right direction 🙂

2. Eat to 80% Full

Pretty self explanatory. Eat until you feel about 80% full and no going back for more. This will take a little experimentation and that’s okay, just make sure you aren’t eating so much you need to get the stretchy pants on hahaha.

3. Balance Every Meal

Every meal should have some carbs, fat, and protein in it. Balancing things out like this is not only nutritious but it’ll help keep us full longer. Also, keeping our blood sugar level steady so we aren’t getting a huge spike and energy crash. A good place to start is about a palm sized portion of lean protein. A fist size portion of carbs (think rice, oatmeal, sweet potato) and skip those refined carbs (chips, baked goods, sugary snacks). Add about a thumb sized portion of fat if your protein source lean like chicken breast. Still starving? Fill up on non starchy vegetables 🙂


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