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How to fast track results

Get personal for quick results

Want to know the secret to fast training results? Personal training! At Revelry CrossFit our focus is on small group trainer led workouts. Having less people in each class means more attention per member and a lot of the time that means faster results.

The workout programming is built to develop general physical preparedness (GPP). That is to say, it gets you ready for anything life throws at you! You’ll have the ability to pick up the heavy bag of dog food off the ground, sprint up a hill after your kids, and jump over that puddle of water.

Each workout is individualized for you by our experienced trainers to hit a certain stimulus that day. This is how you get results and fast! But, what if your goals or sport is more specific? Time to get personal.

Personal VS Individualized Training

While each member receives individualized training for the hour of class, sometimes there is a need for personal/one on one training to work towards a more specific goal. For example, you have a beautiful kipping chest-to-bar pull-up but can’t seem to figure out the bar muscle up. One 30 minute PT session focusing on that skill would likely get you over that bar!

Another case for personal training; sport specific training. You are training for a sport and therefore would benefit from skills and drills built to increase your capacity and readiness for that event/competition. While GPP will make you a well rounded athlete, focused training will make you great at a specific skill.

Jumping into the deep end

We understand how intimidating starting a new workout routine can be. Quite a few members walk into Revelry with zero workout experience (umm amazing and so brave)! Our approach isn’t throwing you into the deep end to sink or swim. All new members start with personal training to get a feel for the movements and get comfortable. This also allows us to get a feel for your goals early on so we can better serve you later in classes and individualize those workouts to fit your needs.

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