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Has Your Metabolism Aged?

Like a fine wine….or not.

Remember the good ol’ days? Eating buckets of candy, cake, pop tarts and it just had zero effect on our body? What happened?

Now half the time just looking at a slice of cake will add a few pounds to my body. LOL!

As you age….umm..mature (I like that word better) your metabolism starts to slow down, but, I’m going to argue that isn’t the main culprit to our weight gain as we get older. So whats doing it?

Life Happens

Life as a 10 year old is easy. No bills, no job, no kids, no RESPONSIBILITIES. The focus is on playing, learning, and growing! Lots of movement and in return we need lots of food.

Life as a 40 year old is a little more complicated and sedentary. Work (most likely in a seated position), then come home and take care of kids, and whatever spare time we have is likely spent decompressing on the couch and watching Netflix. There is more responsibility and stress and far less movement.

I’d argue the weight gain isn’t from a slowing metabolism but rather from life, stress, and not prioritizing our health/movement.

How to light that metabolism back up!

So how do we get back to being a fat burning machine?! Here are a few steps to take.

  1. Get 7-9 hours of sleep. Your body needs sleep to burn that fat! Getting the proper amount will help you make all those hormones necessary for recovery and fat loss. Also, more sleep means more motivation to get up and hit that morning workout!
  2. Workout, with intensity. Want to change your body? You need to give it a reason to change! Hitting a few workouts a week and ramping up the intensity should do the trick. Lift heavy, shorten your rest, and push for those few extra reps.
  3. Fuel your body. Eating the appropriate amount of macro nutrients to help build lean mass will skyrocket your metabolism. How many calories we burn during the day has a direct correlation with our lean muscle mass. The more lean mass, the more calories we burn to sustain that mass. Focus on lean meats and protein, carbs around your workout, and fill up on those vegetables.

Let’s get started!

You don’t need some grand master plan to get started. All you need is a little discipline! Meal prep tomorrows lunch, get into bed an hour before you want to go to sleep (no phone either!), and set a reminder at work to get up and do some jumping jack or air squats or even pushups. Just start taking small steps and those will lead to big changes.

If you need someone to hold you accountable, reach out to us and we can assign one of our expert coaches to help keep you committed to your goals and build a plan with you. Let’s do this thing!


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