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Don’t Be a Lurker.

This one is specifically for members of our gym! My biggest pet peeve…..lurking.

I know it’s a little scary, or maybe it takes some extra thought or time, but, you have to become part of the conversation. You are in the tribe. We want to hear from you. We want to learn more about you. We want to celebrate your successes and help with the struggles.

There are many of us who have been in your shoes or will end up in your shoes at some point and would love to hear your experiences and how you got through them.

Many of us need to see your bright spots posted online to help motivate and inspire action.

Others would love some praise and uplifting words on their proud moments or PR’s!

This isn’t just a gym. We don’t just show up, workout, and go home. It’s a community. A group of people that share common interests, attitudes, and goals. That’s what makes The Rev so special.

So, this is my invite to you, whether you are new to The Rev or have been a member for 5 years…join the conversation. Invest in this community. I am more than certain you have something to offer that will make this place even more special.

Stop lurking and join the conversation.


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