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Chasing Intensity

Why Intensity Matters

Whether we are lifting weights, doing HIIT, CrossFit, or Bootcamp style workouts we are always chasing after intensity. If we are working out intensily then our bodies have no option but to change (get stronger, add muscle, or lose fat mass) to keep up with the new work load! That’s exactly what we want right?!

How to find Intensity

A few ways we can build intensity into our workouts is to:

  • Lift heavier weights! Only if your form allows obviously. Having a coach help you and push you safely works best here.
  • Hold onto the bar longer! If last week we did 10 pull ups in a row, this week let’s try for 12. This applies to any movement. More squats in a row, more burpees in a row, and so on.
  • Move faster! Decrease the time it takes to do all your reps. We can also decrease the rest here to keep our heart rate higher for longer.

Basically get uncomfortable. If we want our bodies to change we need to give it a reason to!

Scaling for Intensity

Sometimes the weight is too heavy or the reps too high to hit the right stimulus for the workout. Scaling so we can get the right amount of reps in a row to find the intensity intended in the workout is key! Luckily if you’re at Revelry CrossFit one of our coaches will be right there with you helping you pick the correct weight, reps, or movement scale to get the most out of each workout!

See you at the gym!


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