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Become THAT type of person.

Doing the work.

Becoming fit is easy. Spend 30 minutes every day working out or doing something active. Keep up that habit for a year and I guarantee you’ll be more fit than you were a year ago. BOOM done. Doing the work isn’t the difficult part, becoming the type of person that;

  • wakes up early to make a healthy breakfast
  • skips out on happy hour at the bar with coworkers to get your workout in after work
  • budgets and spends money on a great trainer instead of on Starbucks every day
  • pushes harder than you ever thought you could on that workout you hate

If you want to become fit, you must become the type of person that prioritizes your health. That’s the hard part. So, next time you are faced with a cross road, ask yourself “am I the type of person that does XYZ?”


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