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4 Reasons Why We Love Whoop.

1. Metrics That Matter

This is the most prominent reason we love Whoop at Revelry CrossFit! We don’t care about how long we’ve been standing or how many steps we took that day. I need to know how ready my body is to train my ass off in a given day! Then after training, knowing how my body handled that session so I can make small tweaks in intensity/duration/intervals to get the most out of the next session. The metrics that Whoop does an incredible job tracking are;

  • STRAIN– A summary of cardiovascular load for the day. Learning how not only workouts but stressful days affected this number was eye opening.
  • RECOVERY– How ready your body is to take on strain for the day. You have a personalized “baseline” and each day when you awake you get to see how close to that baseline you are. The numbers that effect this score are your resting heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, and sleep performance. Recovery is on a scale from 33%< (Red) 34-66% (Yellow) 67-100% (Green). Wake up in the green? Thats your body signaling it’s ready to crush the WOD!! Wake up in the red…your body might need some more sleep or more time to recover, best take it easy that day to avoid injury or overtraining.
  • SLEEP– Accuracy is key here. This isn’t your average sleep tracking device. This thing is accurate as hell and knows when you are in bed, when you fall asleep, any disturbances in your sleep, and when you wake. Before Whoop I would go to bed, wake up 8 hours later, and assume I got 8 hours of sleep. After Whoop, I learned how terrible my sleep efficiency was and that I was actually getting closer to 6 hours of sleep! I needed better sleep habits. Wearing this device has increased my quality and quantity of sleep so significantly that if there was only one reason to buy it, its this.

2. Friendly Competition

Having a Reverly CrossFit Team on Whoop has leveled up the competition! Not only do we get to have fun and compete in the workouts but we get to see how we stack up against everyones recovery, sleep, and strain for the day!

3. Individualized Coaching

Having access to our members recovery and sleep score helps coaches individualize workouts in any given day. If the workout calls for a 3RM Deadlift but you’re running on 4 hours of sleep and a few Red Bulls….coach is going to be able to see that and scale appropriately to avoid injury. It goes the only way too, seeing your 98% recovery gives the green light on pushing this workout to your absolute limit! Seeing how you are moving in a given day is one piece of the puzzle but being able to understand how ready your body is for a workout gives us so much more control and benefit as a trainer.

4. Respiratory Rate and Wellness

How many breaths you take a minute (measured during your sleep) what a silly metric at first glance. It’s seemingly always the same and doesn’t tell us much about our training or recovery. Then, COVID hits, and suddenly this metric becomes massively important.

When Whoop started looking into the early warning signs of COVID positive members something crazy was happening to their Respiratory rate. It was spiking up much higher than usual and sometimes a day or two before symptoms even appeared. What a powerful tool given our current pandemic!

A lot of the time when a virus enters our body the damage is being done days before we even have symptoms. I can recall two years ago when I woke up with a super low recovery score despite getting adequate sleep. The next day the same thing happened despite not working out and taking it easy the day before. Something was going on…I just didn’t know what it was yet. Day 3 comes around and BAM!!! Just like that, the flu symptoms show and I’m in bed the whole week. Being aware of these early warning signs can help us adjust our training and give our immunes systems some added help instead of going hard and possibly causing more damage or prolonged sickness.

Join Our Team

Every coach at Revelry CrossFit wears a Whoop and we also encourage our members to join too. If you’re interesting in learning more check out Whoop or reach out to me at mason@revelrycrossfit.com and I am happy to answer any questions you might have and help you join the team!

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